Werner-race 2018 (HART Holm): Tickets & date Revenge for Brösels "Red Porsche Killer" hard-Holm

30 years ago, Rö lost;tger Feldmann, alias "Brösel" the legendäre, Werner-race against Holger "Holgi" Henze in his red Porsche 911, now it should give the rematch. In the new edition, in hard-Holm (30. July to 02. August 2018) Br sels Horex "Red Porsche Killer" to win? The cost of the Tickets!

It was the most Groß was one of the R–; the events of the summer of 1988: The Werner-race on the airport hard to handle. But from the beginning: What is für "Brösel", SchöCreator of the comic figure Werner, and Holger “.“ Henze, operator of the Kiel cult pub, Club 68, began with a fictitious dispute in the Werner-Comic "ice-Cold", müfounded in 1988 in the berüchtigten slugfest between the Brösels, four-engined Horex, called "Red"Porsche Killer" and Holgis bright red 911 Porsche in HART Holm. Three decades später, there is now a new edition, with the general–berholten machines in the same place. On this occasion the airfield's hard-Holm 30. August to 2. September, 2018  again, the exception condition müssen (1988 pursued 200,000 people in the duel, and resulted in three days of für traffic jams on the A7 and the B206, including a huge Müllberge on Straßedge of the highway, and massive property damage—in one of the surrounding Dövillages). In addition to the race, as a Höculmination of the Events it's supposed to give off the runway numerous attractions such as live music and motorcycle Workshops. On the musical framework programme is, however, still worked. Heißhe tip: peat rock.

With the motorcycle in the middle is lifted (Video):

Brösel and Holgi: Werner-race in 2018 at the hard-Holm

In 2004, there was a new edition of the Werner-race at the lausitzring in front of 30,000 spectators. Here, too, the "Red Porsche Killer failed," Brösel the service. Wäwhile Holgi came in the Porsche 911 loose from the Quark, the "Red Porsche Killer" due to technical problems after a few meters. Schließlich Brö gave;sel unnerved. To 2018 different. Thus, the new edition of the Werner-race  does not degenerate back into Chaos, has manWacken organizer Holger Hü brought;bner as an organizer on Board. The professional framework is given. Also für sufficient accommodationünfte this Time will be taken care of. So there are around the airfield a Campinggelände, which, according to Hübner "different Bed–needs of the visitors. Of rent wooden housesütten über pitchätze für mobile homes up to the corner of für fü will be tents;r." Außerdem erhält, each visitor to the Werner-race in hard-Holm, a so-called "Werner-Survival-Bag". The idea comes from the from Wacken-known "Full Metal Bag", a kind of Surprise–te für adults, the small Merchandise enthält. How expensive are the cards für be the Event, is still just as unknown as the current performance of the two vehicles. In 1988, it brought the Brösels motorcycle with the four series-connected Horex-engines, at least on a performance of 152 HP, whereas Holgis Porsche 911 with 215 HP, the race at the end of für decided. Meanwhile, the performance of a Porsche is supposed to be at 600 HP.

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