VW Golf 1 GTI Lego kit (Update!) Lego-GTI is built

More cult is not! A Lego-kit for the VW Golf 1 GTI Lego Fans such as car-nostalgic brings to the rave – and could soon be available to buy. The draft received the necessary 10,000 votes for a series production!

This VW Golf 1 GTI out of Lego bricks is likely to trigger similar waves of enthusiasm as his model in 1976, but had to overcome similar, then a VW-internal obstacles. Finally, the Lego kit for VW Golf 1 GTI is as yet not available. Lego-Visionary Hasan Kabalak hoped recreated the Golf 1 GTI in Lego Parts and – rightly – on the support of the Lego Fans in the world. Until the middle of 2017, the model should be up for the vote, but received before the end of the old year, the necessary 10,000 votes, in order to manufacture the VW Golf 1 GTI in the Lego series. The attention to Details speaks for the Lego-design of the VW Golf 1 GTI: 1278 parts according to shapes, many Details of the original. About the GTI steering Wheel with four Hupknöpfen in front of the precisely-shaped fittings, bed, home even with a Rado. The plaid pattern of the GTI-style Seating to build is almost impossible, however, Kabalak brought the red-and-black seats in the Lego-GTI. News GTI-Meeting in 2016: Top 20 VW Golf  to be The most extreme Golf on the lake

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