Tuning-Parts/Tuner: Quiz Tuning-Pro? Prove it!

Tuning parts and Tuner: Only those who have mastered this Quiz über the global Tuning-pros, kö, can claim true Tuning-to be experts.

Exhaust system, suspension, transmission, tuning – für every little part on the car there is a Möurgency to improve it. And für each small part on the car is there somewhere in the world a professional who can pimp this is a Stück especially übertrieben. A größerer Turbo gefädigit rates, and some badass wheels or just an upgraded interior? Für the Tuning specialists –will be in General no Problem. The only catch: Weißt You, who is fully professional when it comes to the body to widen, the ultimate in racing tyres to pull the car or the exhaust of a dark, drömiss rebellious sound? In the Quiz can You Your Knowledge über the Tuning professionals to prove and show everyone that You have the right perspective when it comes to which Tuning specialists You and your Schäkitten need to apply. Repair & Maintenance Indicator lights in the car: meaning of the symbols!  The the many control mean light

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