Porsche 911 by Sasha Selipanov design study The Porsche 911 of the future?

The unique design language of the Porsche 911 stands out always. Just in the last 911 generations, Porsche has developed the Design DNA but only evolutionary. Quite differently, the design of Sasha Selipanov: The Creator of the Bugatti Chiron presents a bold design study.

The Porsche 911 to miss out on a new form of language, is one of determined designers to the most demanding tasks of a automotive. But if you mean Sasha Selipanov, and just the Hypercar Bugatti Chiron has designed wagon is the reinterpretation of the Zuffenhausen-based company is a sports legend, probably one of the last remaining challenges. Admittedly, Selipanov had Porsche the order to draw a new 911. Rather, its design study of a self-directed – almost as a finger exercise. However, has it all: a quick glance is enough to identify the design immediately as a Porsche.

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