Mercedes S-class: tuning the Royale (update!) S-class is called Royale

Radical reconstruction on the basis of the current Mercedes S class: fats Baroque rim, thick grille and lots of bling-bling take on State car W 100th now the jelly in a YouTube video surfaced.

Rarely, a Mercedes S-class delivers such discussion as the emerged on the net, probably made to customer Royale. Last but not least show the comment columns of the YouTube videos, in which appears the Royale baptized Mercedes in the United States. A fortress on huge Baroque wheels, which obviously takes bond to the luxurious ancestors Mercedes-Benz W 186 and W 100. Official cars, finally drove with them figures such as Konrad Adenauer, and Queen Elizabeth II. But back to the modern battleship: according to Galpin has discovered again sports car the Mercedes S-class posted Royale on Facebook, but in California deleted. In various forums, it said this alleged piece was CEO of Fisker Automotive for and by Henrik Fisker -. But had already set out on road & track: "that's not my!"

Mercedes model range in the video:

Tuning: Mercedes S-class as Royale

Whatever the Royale now may belong, and who for the conversion - rumor: Carlsson - is responsible, he took as the basis for the S-class Mercedes Royale most likely the current S-class of series W222. It at least doors, exterior mirrors and the beige leathered Interior suggest. Not off the rack front and rear of the Mercedes-Benz S-class are Royale: front dominated a huge, classic grille if it actually is a S 600 - a six liter big V12 with 530 PS should work with raised Mercedes star before a similarly Baroque shaped bonnet, under the -. Clean certified Mercedes-Benz SLS headlights lead the momentum in the fender of the Mercedes-Benz S 600 Royale.

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