Formula 1 (2019): All Cars These are the cars of the F1 Teams

We pr—present all the formula 1 cars of the season in 2019. The Haas Team has already shown the Design of his vehicle. n—most are expected to be the Präpresentations of the new F1 racer of the Scuderia Toro Rosso, Renault, Racing Point, McLaren, Mercedes and Ferrari with voltage!

Before the formula 1 season in 2019 on 17. März in Melbourne, Australia starts, the ten Teams now, after the cars with which you the world title want to go home. Also in this year, the engineers have spent a lot of time to improve the cars aerodynamically and technically. The F1 Team, Haas has done with the Präpresentation of the show cars at the start, the Scuderia Toro Rosso and Williams reveal on 11. February, the first Details of their racing car. Renault pulls a day später, on 12. February with the Enthüllung in his F1 vehicle. The same three cars on the 13. February presented: On this day, the &Nbsp;public not only gets the AMG F1 W10 EQ Power+ of title defenders Mercedes to see for the first Time. Also Red Bull and Racing Point then set your new cars. McLaren draws on the 14. February, a day später shows Ferrari its new racing cars. As the last Team schließlich Alfa Romeo on 18. February, the cloth of his new formula 1 car für the season 2019 – on this day the competitors meet for the first Time in the Winter test each other rides in Barcelona. More: All the formula 1 world champion News Formula 1, 2019 (the world Cup, points, Teams, dates)  New F1 season starts in March 2019

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