Z Tyre: the world record for the most expensive tire These tires cost 532.812 Euro

Car kö tires can be expensive, but at a price of 532.812 Euro für four Tires of Z Tyre tingle even die-hard tires-cronies of the ears. The huge price has given the in Dubai ans—one company is now making an entry into the Guinness book of records – für the most expensive tires in the world.

532.812 Euro für four tires are nat–to swallow the bitter first hard times. What is a as an astronomer justifies a high sum? Z Tyre has no cost, and Mühen spared and für its record-Mature Italian jewelers on a sündhaft expensive jewelry diamond-and-Gold-Pläleaves work. Read that right, Z Tyre schmückt his tires with diamonds and Gold, what natürlich für a manufacturer from Dubai is kind of mandatory. However, Only one of these tire Sets has been produced, and at an auction für the above sum auctions. And the Erlös goes to a wohltätige Foundation, what is the wasteful-looking tires of the right to existence beyond decadent Protzgehabes gives. Tires 400-km/h-tires for Bugatti and Co: technology  high-tech tires of up to 400 km/h and faster

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