Wrecked LaFerrari: bumper sold Accident-Bumper for 4,000 euros

The owner of a Ferrari LaFerraris crashes against the wall, can get rid of the zerdepperte bumper of his Hyper cars but for 4000 euros. Please what? We explain the absurd history of an absurd Souvenirs.

A Ferrari LaFerrari is not exactly cheap. And only the Least, therefore, the embarrassment, the fire-red super sports car on the driveway of their neat condo row of the grid. If you want to still have a part of this car, was able to acquire, until recently, for 4000 Euro, at least the bumper of a Ferrari. Or, at least, two-thirds of it, because the piece was only in fragments, literally. Who had therefore the necessary cash, was able to hang with the Ferrari scraps of carbon in the Garage or on the bed and at the sight of the same always be reminded of the importance of a safe and secure Hand in the field of road transport. Because the history of the bumper is just as absurd as the former owner of the estimated price. A Dashcam has captured the accident, which occurred in the Budapest road, and fortunately, for posterity. News Magnus Walker: the cult of Porsche wrecked  Porsche-Pope decomposed 911

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