Wiesmann in front of a Comeback: New car, planning Wiesmann back with a BMW engine

Soon there is again a Wiesmann with engines from BMW, currently the manufacture is in the development of a new sports car. After his defeat in the 2013 Wiesmann 2015 new investors, since the 2016 Mario Spitzner accompanied as the new managing Director of the Comeback of the Dülmener sports car company.

After the surprising Comeback in 2015, and the obligation of the former AMG Manager Mario Dipfner as managing Director, it was to become Wiesmann quiet: The Plan is to bring in 2016 on the Basis of existing models a more developed sports cars on the market, it was again rejected. Currently, the Dülmener stuck in the development of a completely new Wiesmann, like its predecessors on the strength of the BMW. As the sports car manufacturer is known, provides the M GmbH, the V8 engines for the new car. Since BMW currently uses a V8, it is likely to be the aggregate of the all-new M5 (F90), from the 4.4 litre, 600 HP and 750 Newton meters. With the decision Wiesmann continues its tradition: Since the first production model in 1993, Wiesmann cars drove always with BMW engines. 

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