VW Touareg W12: Tuning of Total Race The most powerful Touareg of the world!

In a country in which TÜV just another word für corruption, are the most brutal tags the möpossible. As for the proof, Russians are a VW Touareg W12 thanks to a twin coaxes charging hefty 1800 HP.

As one of the few SUV's –in General, there was the VW Touareg is the first Generation with thick, six-litre W12 under the hood. 450 HP to make a lot of steam, but also großen thirst. In Russia, where the rouble rolls, thanks to natural gas, but don't really care. There is even more. The facts of this doubly-charged W12 in the VW Touareg, however, is dürr. Only the power rating of über 1800 PS by the Russian the tuners are Total berliefert Race –. However, the engine compartment of the VW Touareg shows impressive tightly Packed, so that the power rating appears to be quite realistic. The turbo snails dwell in the triangle of Kotflügel, wheel arch and headlights, the –more, by the way, is also original. A new Frontsto rod hasüber the serial Touareg even größere Lufteinlässe, the power package, make sure nöKümisconduct of the W12-tig.

VW Touareg Total Race (Video): 

VW-Touareg-Tuning of the Total Race

The back of trötet the Touareg from the factoryäßigen four-pipe exhaust system, but from a middle-scale sport exhaust system out. Under the factory-mounted Kotfl–gelverbreiterungen of the VW Touareg is enough space für größere rollers beyond the 275er width. In The Interior? All series, all luxury. Up on the d–can Carbon-shell seats. The more fat the buck in terms of weight reduction, or dünn. But d–likely to the six-liter W12, the almost 2600 kg of the VW Touareg't mind. 1800 PS dafür just too brutal – such as the Videos below also eidnruck. Tuning Nissan Qashqai-R: Tuning of SVM (Update!)  the Qashqai is the fastest SUV in the world

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