VW-strategy 2025: electric cars & nitro- VW gas announced at the end of

In the Wake of the VW strategy 2025, the wolf Burger  want to reduce their model range, and after 2026, no pure gas more to build. In the foreseeable future, CO2-neutral electric cars are expected to leave the VW-works. This article was updated on 05.12.2018!

Derived from the VW strategy 2025, which aims to purify the model range by 2025, and to electrify, is terminated From the pure combustion engine to 2026. The VW chief strategist Michael Jost on a car summit at the end of the Tuesday, 4. December 2018, in Wolfsburg, verkündet: "In the year 2026 the last platform, which has CO2-neutral potential, which can generate CO2-neutral vehicle start, their last production". The goal is to build CO2-neutral vehicles, to thus, the objectives of the Paris climate agreement. Previously, the manufacturer verkü had to invest in;place by 2023, up to 44 billion euros in electric Mobilität, digitization, and Autonomous Driving. The VW with the From the internal combustion engine is serious is indicated by the fact that in the VW plant in Hannover and Emden, starting in 2022 electric cars run off the Assembly line. Already in 2021 will be created at the location in Zwickau six electric cars für three group brands. Up to the last car with a combustion engine the factory kö going to take leave;but could still. VW expects to sell the last nitro UNMähr 2040. More to the topic: This is the VW electric Bus I. D. News VW-factory in Emden: for Passat production  Passat-production makes space for E-cars

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