VW Passat B8: Tuning of the B&B Dynamic Representative

Products from the VW group, the specialty of the Siegen Tuner B&b's Newest project: The VW Passat B8, thanks to extensive Tuning measures 300 HP under the hood, and also the momentum is gaining!

In the case of the Siegener Tuning specialists from B&B the development of labour supply in the last month. A new VW Passat at the same time means a new mega-project. After all, it is the new Combi-Bestseller from Wolfsburg, of which the entire Tuning industry promises high profits. Those who want to survive, have to meet exactly the taste of the large group of customers. 30 years of experience, B&B play in the cards, wants to win with a wide Tuning program, the trade customer. It starts with the increase in performance: In the first step, a 0,2 bar increased boost pressure and recalibrating the engine electronics to get 35 HP out of the 2.0 TDI. This 275 HP cost of 1298 Euro. If that's not enough, the orders level 2 with 300 HP and high torque of 630 Newton metres of torque.

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