Tyre pressure regularly check tips in mind! Proper tire pressure saves money

Most drivers are lazy when it comes to check the tire pressure –review–. The regularäßige control not only für safety wäduring the journey, but saves money.

Thus, the R—the roles, drivers should in regularäßigen Abständ your tire pressure –review–fen. At least every fourth Tank stop, but spätesting once in a month, it is so short the pressure gauge to the valve, the – not if you have it at home – at almost every gas station to the verf├╝ gung and used free of charge. The ADAC recommends even control all of two weeks to carry outühren. And the reason for this is because the correct tyre pressure not only on the manner of driving of the car is noticeable, but also in the wallet of the driver. Tires that ride too high, or – what is essential h"stage of the case – the pressure is low, not only have a st—more powerful wear’, but führen to höresult fuel consumption. The heißt in Numbers: If the tire pressure deviates only 0.5 bar, the car uses, where appropriate, already almost half a Liter more fuel per 100 kilometres. As a minimum, can perform printing by only 20 per cent f–that the life of the tire decreases by 15 to 30 percent. In order to save Fuel, some drivers, therefore, with erhöhtem tire pressure, but even this is not Constantösung, as here, the wear  reinforcement: clearärkt, and the braking distance of course—extended. In this case, rät of the ADAC höa maximum of 0.1-0.2 bar of the recommended pressure up to depart.

It detects if the tire pressure is too low:

Tire pressure at least once per month prüfen

The correct tire pressure saves not only your wallet, but also the health of the car driver, because Driving with the wrong air pressure can interfere with the safety behind the wheel significantly affect the quality of . The car verfügt case of too little or too much air in the tires über the optimum grip. The consequence of this is that the braking distance of course—extended and the vehicle occupant curves less Grip, especially on wet Straße gefädangerous. Therefore, verfügen cars, according to the 31. October 2012 came on the market, all über a special tire-pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) that warn the driver when the tire is filled with too little air, gefü. In the event of a warning, the System should react to möas fast, because especially in the case of l—longer highway trips at high speeds, even the slow air loss heavy-Unfällen führen. With too low pressure the tire n&mdash heating;namely faster, so that after only 20 minutes of travel a temperature of 120 °C can be achieved. On long journeys, köcan the Lauffl—chen OJösen, and the tires in the worst case, burst. Counselor Tire size:  Matching tire size to determine!

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