Tesla Model S Wagon: Illustration Tesla Model S as a combination

Meanwhile, Tesla is capable of anything and everything. Why not a combination? Still, there is no, but an Illustration shows how it could look.

Tesla is currently on the Fast track. 31. March was presented to the Model 3, and only a week later, the number of pre-orders for the 400,000-mark approached. In the case of a Deposit to be paid the price of 1000 US dollars that has already washed a little bit of money in the petty cash of the company. With the Model S Tesla has a real luxury sedan. What is lacking now is a station wagon. And why not a Luxury sedan, so a Tesla Model S wagon? X-Tomi Design has the graphic challenge and the Model S at the Computer the rear of a Volvo wagon, and missed. Would this fictional station wagon the specs of the Model S, he would be with 772 HP at a stroke, the most powerful combination of all time. Electric car Tesla Model S: Prices, Drives, Crash Test (Update!)  New prices for the Model S

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