Techno Classica Essen 2019: prices & opening Hours 31. Techno Classica is

The Techno Classica Essen in 2019, from 10. up to the 14. April on the Gelände der Messe Essen. Vintage friends d–on may this year –about 1250 exhibitors to look forward to. All of the information, as well as &Nbsp;opening times and admission prices!

The Techno Classica Essen 2019 öopens from 10. up to the 14. April 31. May their doors and begrüßt, Fans of classic Automobiles in the Ruhr area. Also in this year the most successful classic fair of the world is a colorful Potpourri of exhibitors, Clubs and collectors. To the around 1250 exhibitors are expected this year, z—to miss, not only private car-friends, but also many car manufacturers. The fair is not only a place of historic and classic vehicles, but also commercial space. To 120,000 square meters exhibitionäche, spread over 20 halls, find classic car friends everything the DIY mechanic and collector's heart. In addition to numerous restorers, suppliers and Ersatzteilh—dealers are also represented a number of providers of specialist literature, accessories and works of art at the Techno Classica Essen. The Techno Classica Essen in 2019 is not only the home of high-priced exhibits of automobile history, but also young timers a repr—sentative Bühne. Around 30 percent of the featured specimens should be according to the statements of the organizer of the "affordable" young-timers. More: All the information about the H-mark Vintage H-mark 2019: The new vintage  These cars will celebrate in 2019, making your rounds

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