Second insurance car: So it works out cheap In the case of a second car to save on insurance

Tips for a second car insurance: spouse or novice to be conveniently mobile, falls mostly often the keyword "second-insurance" cars;. We have looked at different models!

Whether for the spouse, the novice-young, or simply the chauffeur for the weekend: some car owner is faced with the question, as he makes his second car at the best assure. Finally, the policy for an additional vehicle can be extremely expensive. Who are venturing for the first Time with a second insurance of employees, often experienced a nasty Surprise: The new small car is more expensive than the big family station wagon, you had to actually save expected money. The second car insurance is so expensive, is because many providers treat the owners of second cars as drivers – they give them a new and low damage freedom class (SFK). Who insures a second car, begins here in the a rule back in SFK 0 – no matter how many years he is with his first car accident on the way. Some providers classify the second car also in the case of SFK ½, but in the last few years, some movement is in the second classification: The majority of insurance companies now offer improved control. Depending on the height of the first car-classification, customers can start with your new car in classes two to five. A few insurance companies such as Admiral, Direct or Direct Line car complete with the expensive classification practice in the second-insurance is broken: arrange the second freedom-class is a vehicle of the same Claims as the first car.

In the case of contributions for Car insurance Video) save (:

Second insurance car: Save in the case of the SF-class

Interested parties should check in to insurance for your first vehicle. Because of improved rates for the second car insurance there are many insurance companies but only if both cars are insured with them. Also the current cars of a partner may not be so reclassified easy car to own second: In the case of some insurance companies, the offers are valid only for newly registered vehicles. In addition, many providers of young riders from close to the discounted second car insurance. However, for novice drivers in the second car-the insurance is worth it. Because you get your first Car insurance usually, when SFK 0. Depending on the provider, you can get the second car but already at a stage, ½, so that up to 20 percent could be saved. Important: The child as an additional driver be sure to specify if your car is insured with parents as a second car – even if your father or mother in the case of the SFK again, you need to start. Is deceived at this point, you can refuse insurance in the case of the payment.

So beginners save with the second car insurance

For beginners, it is usually of advantage to have the Car insurance on a parents part to run. You will benefit in this way, in the case of MTPL and fully comprehensive insurance of their accident-free years. Although Junior has paid for the car is probably registered to the parents, as the holder, and the driver's license novice only as a driver. After the first few years without an accident, it is for the novice but it is advisable to leave the car in their own name, in order to benefit directly from the no-claims discounts. To date, SF reached a-class at the second car insurance policy can be transferred, provided it is proved that the car was mainly used by the novice. In the choice of Car insurance a thorough comparison of the advantage is that the individually most advantageous offer to find out. The various comparison portals on the Internet offer after the end of the search is equal to the completion of a Police. Anyone interested but first prefer a non-binding offer, in order to examine the conditions in the rest. Which second car insurance much can be saved, we have determined on the basis of three examples, with the comparison portal . We will show you in the gallery. The most important questions for a second car insurance we answer here:

Car insurance Novice insurance: So you can save  car for new drivers assure cheap

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