Return the VW Diesel: judgment of the OLG Customer may give back fake Diesel

The Oberlandesgericht Köln forcing a VW-Händler for Rüredemption of a rigged Diesel Cars. The appeal of the convicted Händlers was without müsensitive negotiations–ckgewiesen. All of the court's judgment and the threat of law suits from customers who want to return your Diesel to"!

A VW-Händler is forced to manipulated Diesel car–ckzunehmen. This is from the first-instance judgment of the district court of Köln by decision of 28. May 2018 (Ref. 27 U 13/17). The judge at the higher regional court in Köln's judgment bestätigt, and the appeal of the Autohändlers without müsensitive negotiations–ckgewiesen. This is only in Ausnahmef—cases, möpossible, when all the responsible judges –come to agreement on all fours to the conclusion that the appeal has no prospect of success. In the present case, the Rüredemption of a VW Eos 2.0 TDI, in which a forbidden switch-off device installed. The Autohändler must be the rigged Diesel now–cknehmen and the Käshore that the purchase price for the"refund – marks’s resembled the resolutions—ending für the yet mileage. The ruling is considered a "dam break", the Volkswagen group, wanted to prevent in the Diesel exhaust gas scandal. Now a massive lawsuit flood dupe VW is expected to customers. "The organisation decision-making is a trend-setter and has für many welded—damaged Autok—the banks in the other court as a signal", so the lawyer Dr. Christof procedures nationwide, the law firm of Dr. Lean &Lean; to the Point. News VW-Diesel-decommissioning: TDI in Munich affected  first Diesel in Munich shut down

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