Porsche calls for compensation from Audi: Video 200 million Euro for fraud-Diesel

That Porsche does not make their own diesel engines and, therefore, on the units of VW-subsidiary Audi, it is not a secret. But this should probably stay a secret, is the damages claim which the Stuttgart-based so the Ingolstadt-based company. 200 million Euro to pay Audi to Porsche, this is now from a letter, about the various reports in the media. The Stuttgart-based costs for retrofit make, lawyers,  car hire and the estimated decline in the value of Leasing car claim. In July, Porsche was a call from the Federal Ministry of transport, around 22,000 Porsche Cayenne for illegal cheating software. That Porsche is now presenting this claim to Audi, it is no Surprise, after all, had Porsche chief financial officer Lutz Meschke, the already announced before a Long time. However, it is probably still negotiates the amount of damages, because the exact amount would only after the recall, quantify, said Meschke. Zud em Write will not comment on the Porsche. "We will not discuss intra-group transactions in the Public", said a spokesman.

News Porsche Recall (July 2017): Cayenne (Diesel)  Swiss approval stop for Cayenne

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