Paul Walker: Stolen Car Collection Walker's cars are coming back

Shortly after Paul Walker's death, his car was discovered collection stolen. Now it smells like a Happy End: Walker's lawyer, kücompleted the R–return of the precious cars.

Soon Paul Walker's stolen car collection to be back in the H—of his family. This has been announced by Walker's attorney to U.S. media reports recently. A few hours after Paul Walker's death in 2013, were stolen over 30 cars from the Walker's extensive Car collection. It should be an employee of that warehouse have been in the Paul Walker's car collection was housed, and Walker had helped in the maintenance of his cars. Against those man-Anwälte of Paul Walker's family in June 2015, had brought an action – and recently seems to be successful. Walker's lawyer, according to the lawsuit against the bearing house had been let to the employee in exchange for Walker's stolen car collection. Further terms and conditions of the agreement to Walker's car collection have been kept secret. In November 2013, the late "Fast & Furious"actor Paul Walker was an avid car collector and had to stand in a warehouse in the U.S. Valencia (California) tens of valuable cars. The Incredibl–cksauto – the Porsche Carrera GT & ndash; was one of the many Lovers of cars in the car collection of Walkers. They included cars like Saleen S7, Ford GT, BMW M1, BMW M3 E30 and E36, Porsche 996, Shelby GT500, and natürlich Nissan GT-R. How autoverrückt, Paul Walker, shows a diminished Video.

News Paul Walker: The Fourth Anniversary Of The Death  the Fourth anniversary of the death of Paul Walker

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