Parking disc to adjust: road Traffic & punishment The nodule prevent!

On many Parking lots—must be used to support a Parking disc. But as it is set to the Straßtraffic regulations (StVO) right? And what is the penalty, if the Parking disc is not in use? We answer the most important questions!

Especially in St in the cities there are simply too many cars and too little Parkingätze. H—often d–may car holder your car, therefore, only für a certain period of time-turn off &;​ about Supermämarkets or hospitals—users. On such Parking lots—etching must then be a Parking disc used to demonstrate that the allowed Parking time has not –passed. We answer the questions, such as the Parking disc is correctly set, and what are the penalties for failure to respect or –berzogener time, threaten!

The eight best Park-Live-Hacks in the Video:

StVO: when do I have to use a Parking disc?

Crucial für the identification of Parkfl—the Park sign (traffic sign 314). The Parkmöurgency, for a limited time, außto find also, an additional attached sign on the a concrete time-line. Möglich außerdem, a shield combination, the the Parking with a Parking disc is limited to certain days of the week or times. Counselor Parking without Stress: a guide  tips for stress-free Parking

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