Own track for electric Trucks in Germany (Update!) Siemens for E-Truck route, commissioned

In the year 2018 on the German motorways A1 and A5 with the first test tracks for electric-can be installed on Trucks. The state of Hesse has commissioned Siemens with the construction. A similar project is already running in Sweden – with the aim of making the transport of goods, at the latest by 2030, emission-free.

Siemens will bring the first electric-trucks on German roads. The state of Hesse has commissioned the electrical group in August 2017 with the construction of a catenary system for electrified road freight traffic on a ten-Kilometer-long route in Frankfurt, said of the Dax group on 11. August 2017. On the A5 motorway between the port zeppelinheim/Cargo City South of Frankfurt airport and Darmstadt/Weiterstadt, the upper line is to be built by the end of 2018. Thus, the so-called "sizes" would be tested; for the first time on a public road in Germany. As a major player in the rail technology, Siemens uses his Knowledge for the road. The group is responsible for the planning, construction, and optionally also the maintenance of the facility in Frankfurt. Financial Details were not called.

E-Truck test tracks in Sweden in the Video:

Test tracks for E-Trucks in Germany 2018

Also in Schleswig-Holstein, 2018, the sections will be the first highway for electric trucks to be tested. The power of E-Trucks is performed – similar to trams – an upper line of a Extra trail. The route is established according to the Federal Ministry for the environment on the A1 at Lübeck. The North German test track runs over 25 kilometers of a logistics centre in Reinfeld for the port of lübeck, six kilometers of which is electrified. The E-Truck Test is intended to show, whether it's in the long term to be profitable, to clarify the German roads electr. The Federal Ministry for the environment sees this as the solution to make the goods traffic on the roads in the future more environmentally friendly. The cost of the tag are according to the estimates of the Ministry of one Million Euro per journey richtiung. For the electric Trucks of the electricity from the overhead line has the advantage of a battery refrain: This saves weight and stops to Recharge, are eliminated. For the testing of Hybrid Trucks to be used on the test track to use the electricity from the overhead line and for the further path of a diesel engine to be driven.

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