Nissan GT-R: Tuning of exclusive motoring a weapon from GT-R

The Nissan GT-R is always front with 550 HP. In the series visually restrained tuner exclusive has made him motoring now the absolute weapon - liberty-walk wide body, spoiler factory and "metallic gun grey" I thank.

The Nissan GT-R by exlusive motoring presents itself like a cast. With hearty spoiler factory and wide body he could be the prime role in next fast &-furious Strip occupy. But in fact, the Nissan is a commissioned work by tuner exclusive motoring a single retail. He wanted to be sure the liberty walk-body kit and the gray paint called "gun metallic grey". The rest of the Nissan GT-R but he had free rein. What is home to exclusive motoring, in Miami, knew how to use. In addition to the liberty walk wide body falls especially the almost already racing suspiciously large rear spoiler in the eye, but also the swords of spoilers front and rear. The attachments are are in matte black set. Matching the tuning pros have blacked out even the rear lights, but it was mentioned only as a detail on the edge. Due to the brutal appearance, the rims are dimensioned accordingly: the Forgiato rims in the monstrous jaws are 22 inches tall. With 285er front and rear with 315er pellet related, that should affect performance originally 2.7 seconds from 0 to 100 and maximum 315 km/h.

Nissan GT-R facelift in the video:

Tuning: Nissan GT-R by exclusive motoring

The 3.8-litre V6 with 550 HP remained namely crude. Means as 632 nm of maximum torque for the excavation are responsible, have to carry additional face and said wide rollers. While outside the motto fast & furious ruled, it's pure luxury inside. And it also shows up as a cast. Exclusive motoring missed the Nissan GT-R a - whole as the name of the tuner promises - exclusive leather interior. On the seats, the black animal skin shows stitched, back it has a 12 inch JL audio subwoofer instead of the rear seat bench. You are fired from Mosconi amplifier and supported by focal speakers. But given the thick sport exhaust system on the Nissan GT-R the system should eh stay most of the time.

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