Mobile Quick charging station, VW People's car Powerbank for E-car

With mobile Fast-charging stations möchte VW the Expansion of the Charging infrastructure für E-cars accelerate. Up to four vehicles, kö, can at the same time, the Säule with 360 kWh of load capacity&t recharge. A charging process should last an average of only 17 minutes!

VW has launched a mobile Fast-charging stations, , with which the group wants to promote the slow Expansion of the Charging infrastructure für E-cars. The S columns will know the wolf Burger köcan the independent—independently of the electricity network where demand is and work according to the principle of a Powerbank, how many für the Smartphone. The flexible locations via the Internet or an App to find to be loaded, and in addition to E-cars köcan also E-Bikes. Thanks to fast charging technology, with up to 100 kW is a charging will take, according to VW, on average, only around 17 minutes. At the same time up to four vehicles to a S&mdash to be loaded;ule – two köcan über DC, two über AC-Anschlüsse. Overall, köcan with the of up to 360 kWh barrel storage battery 15 electric vehicles will be supplied with electricity. Fällt of the energy contents under 20 percent, is the empty Säule easy against a loaded replaced. The mobile Fast-charging stations, VW köcan also be connected firmly to the mains supply up to 30 kW via AC. Then lädt, the battery pack durable stand alone—complete and it even mö is, according to VW;possible, Solar or wind energy cache. Find out more: E-Ladesäulen in the ADAC-Test Repair & Maintenance E-Car Battery: Cost, Price, Care & Maintenance  you need to know about batteries for E-cars

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