Michael Schumacher's go-kart track before (Update!) Erftlandring will be demolished

The Michael-Schumacher-kart track (Erftlandring) in Kerpen will be demolished. The track is used to lignite removal needs. The Handover of the site to be in 2020. Michael's younger brother Ralf Schumacher wants to fight for the preservation of the Schumacher go-kart track, so he hopes to have a fallback location.

The Kart-Club Kerpen, where, among other things, record-breaking world champion Michael Schumacher learned the racing, is sacrificed to the brown coal mining. The erftlandring in Kerpen-Manheim, on the next Schumi, other formula 1 Champions such as Sebastian Vettel, trained the Drive, to make from the 2020 heavy equipment place.nbsp;for Years, the operators had sought, the district government of Cologne RWE Power to an alternative location. But Guido Steffen RWE Power and the city of Kerpen confirmed that all the Alternatives had been without success. There now, where once racing legends such as Schumacher, born, soon to be a brown coal excavator umw├╝hlen the soil. But Schumis younger brother Ralf Schumacher, the beloved go-kart track is not on there yet, because the two brothers spent childhood days almost every free Minute there. In addition, Michael Schumacher has confirmed that the go-kart track was, for him, synonymous with your home. However, after the operator and RWE Power had sought for 2015 to a different location and now there is no concrete Alternative has been found, said a Steffen on 10. January 2018, all over rich on the end of the tradition of Schumacher-kart track. The planned Handover is in October 2020, then it is indeed to the demolition. News So it is with Michael Schumacher up to date (January 2018)  Schumis health condition unclear

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