Mercedes S 63 AMG L: Tuning von GAD/Brabus Monster-S-63 with 950 HP

This is a Tuning-Double of the special kind. Brabus the body kit für Mercedes S 63 AMG L 4Matic, Performance Tuner GAD controls 950 HP and set of exclusive rims, as a single unit.

If GAD 63 AMG L 4Matic aufdonnert the engine of a Mercedes S and Brabus, the body kit on it zimmert, köcould you right of the "tuning ception" talk. After all, two well-known masters of their profession have made common cause to get the most out of the powerful luxury sedan. Out a battle ship of the class, which combines the typical Trademarks of a Brabus and GAD, and with its unique rim-a real Blickf—the Vikings came. Under the hood, the performance stage 5-modified V8-Bi-Turbo in the S booms 63 AMG, the optimization ckt by means of a new sports air filter, Ladeluftk–counter, box - and-gear software-now 950 HP at 1400 Newton meters on the Straße drü. More: Brabus C-class of GAD News Mercedes S 63 AMG CoupĂ©: Tuning von G-Power  Orgiastic S-class, G-Power

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