Mercedes C 63 AMG Tuning by PP Performance C 63 is 1000-PS-floor

The middle East wants power? The middle East gets a performance! The süddeutsche Tuning shop PP Performance fährt, with the 1000-HP Mercedes C 63 AMG very groß.

Wäwhile PP Performance HP-cures up to 544 HP is offering on the local tuning market für Mercedes C 63 AMG only, shows a Tuning shop in the Middle East, what is für Benz really möpossible. The project on the Basis of the last C-class Generation will bring über 1000 HP at the Start. It is no coincidence that the sheikhs are especially fond of PP-Performance-speed—managing Director–leader Jimmy Pelka to their toys. In the Middle East, Pelka, and his Tuning shop PP Performance n—namely, as a Koriph—e, as it is Pelka always manages to chip-tuning für the latest cars to offer – significantly ahead of the competition. That PP Performance of the Mercedes C 63 AMG is not a tuning beschränkt, erklärt in the face of such a hochgez–despised 6.2-Liter V8. Natürlich, the Crew has been optimized to Jimmy Pelka in the motor control of the C 63 AMG in Detail, so that the Power-Benz can burn with the higher boost pressure and more Fuel. Außerdem made of PP Performance at the air intake of the C 63 AMG. For this purpose, the fast Mercedes received an optimized Ladeluftk–misconduct and a new exhaust system. The V8 of the C 63 AMG can be better both exhale. Highlight: Cam shafts, crank shaft and piston are derived from the Mercedes SLS AMG. Tuning Audi RS 7: Tuning by PP-Performance  Performance beast with 745 HP

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