Marc the light in the portrait: a Private visit to the Audi design chief Since pepper is in it!

Marc Lichte, the new design chief at Audi, schärft Design krästrong. CAR-NEWSPAPER-editor-in-chief Volker Koerdt met the man who gt the Audi-taste prä, 2015 time completely private!

The Hand with the pen flying förmlich über the paper. First, a few strokes only, plöuseful two circles, Räthe, lights – and the car takes shape. I am Astonished. Marc Lichte grins: "I love to Draw. I draw almost entirely." The tree is long-Westphalia is the head of Audi design. He quickly found the &Ndash;overview in Ingolstadt. With the studies of the "Prologue" and "Prologue Avant" to them gave he the head of Audi Design in Kürze new Würze. The gebücurrent Arnsberg a sociable person, temper is full. We met at an Audi colleagues to eat with, to philosophize with a good glass of red wine in peace über the future of Audi design. The first appetizer, the Appetizer to what follows in Ingolstadt demnächst, has shown the light already with the Prologue. "The A6, A7 and A8, we have adopted already. The Avant that we in Geneva have presented, combines the best genes of the Three. The Trick here is that the straight roof and the ultra-employees D-Säule. The dynamics and erhöht the space on offer Inside."

Marc Lichte: Audi design chief Porträt

Loving the long, blonde Longlegs with the schütteren hair &ndash strokes on his sketch book. "I draw always. I höre." Especially in the case of what development chief Ulrich Hackenberg says to him. "The ratio—ratio Designer and head of development is very important." Today, Marc Lichte arrived exactly where he was going. But as a child, the parents were often worried. "I don't have to move stäconstantly when I'm drawing." As a young guy he was always with a Dinghy on the Möhnetalsperre on-the-go, which is practically around the corner from his birthplace Arnsberg in the Sauerland region. "My parents were almost in Despair." So an excellent sailor was from the light. In the meantime, he has won three times in the Kiel week – and his Hobby is his Yacht. Proud präpresented it to me the Boot on his iPad. Also, this shows a character trait of him: Everything he tackles, möchte he to perfect. "The Yacht is ten meters in length, has an open rear and  place für six people. The special feature of the carbon sailing, dadurch fährt, you highly athletic. I have long used, to the color of the hull to the color of the sails." But not only on the  water, also in the snow fühlt the wire Sauerl—in his Element: "I'm passionate about skiing." News Audi A9 (C e-tron): luxury, class of 2020  Audi A9 might e C tron hot

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