Lada Taiga/Niva: new edition for 2018 planned Taiga-successor in the work

The Russian all-terrain vehicle-legend Lada Taiga/Niva could be launched in 2018. Avtovaz is working, according to information from Russia for some time at the 3. Generation.

Is brought of the with us for some time as the Lada Taiga 4x4 offered by Niva at the latest in 2018 to a new life? According to the Russian Izvestia Avtovaz wants to bring the SUV in little more than two years in a completely new Form on the market, and thus the desire of some customers to more modern cars descendants. In Germany, one hears, although at present little of the Lada, but the Russians refer for 2015 are full of pride to have a market share of 20 percent in their home market. Just like in Germany, every fifth sold car comes from Wolfsburg, playing in Russia the Lada the main role. And so it goes with a swing, the Russians are a real model offensive with six new models by the end of next year. A little later, should be renewed since 1977, nearly unchanged built classic Lada Niva, is being sold for nearly three years as the Lada Taiga 4x4. Together with General Motors, the Russians in 1998 developed the second Generation of Chevrolet Niva is celebrating success in Russia. 20 years later, the third Generation of the legendary off-roader to follow. Test Lada Taiga/Niva 1.7: Test  As well, the Lada Taiga

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