Ford Mustang: Tuning of Roush Performance 737 HP for 39.995 US Dollar

A US car dealer in Lebanon Ohio makes horsepower Freaks a gift: He offers the Ford Mustang GT V8 velvet tag on a Roush supercharger and 737 HP for under $ 40,000!

The Ford Mustang is the whole package. He is fast, he shouts that it is a pleasure, he was always extremely well and is simply cult. This includes the not insignificant knowledge that hardly anyone else on this planet so much concentrated HP is still Power rates offered at such a moderate price. At least in the United States. These customer driven-friendly pace now. A Ford dealer Lebanon Ohio the best HP-per-Dollar-range far and wide. For less than 40,000 US dollars, namely, for exactly 39.995 dollars the buyer will receive a brand new Ford Mustang GT with a stage 2 Roush supercharger to the already rich 441 HP five-liter V8 on it flanged. Come out overall very fat 737 HP. In contrast, the sixth Generation of the Ford Mustang GT350 looks even with 533 HP pale, although they are a whopping Double the price. And also a Dodge Challenger with a 6.2-Liter HEMI Hellcat, and 717 HP with $ 60,000 still a third more expensive.

Ford model lineup in the Video:

Roush-Mustang: fan base establish, instead of cash in

You think the Roush-Manager Charlie Watson, would Roush establishing first, a solid fan base for your Mustangs, rather than for every copy of dick bucks. The may you believe or not, but the fact is, the base Mustang costs combined with the Roush components together in exactly 39.945 Dollar, the dealer does not make even a little Profit per Mustang, if Roush calculates the working hours. The customers, s’, anyway no matter. The strikes and is delighted with the purchase price associated three year-to 30,000-mile warranty. And best of all, There are still plenty of those bargain-Mustangs. The dealer from Ohio has sold only 24 units. So quickly across the pond and bought. Even with customs charges are likely to still be a real bargain.

Brad Houk(513) 932-1010Lebanon Ford770 Columbus Avenue Lebanon, OH 45036

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