Ford F-250 Lariat: tuning by Hennessey

Hennessey presented a monster SUV, that on the Ford Super Duty F-250 Lariat based and rather resembles a doped 2015 Ford Excursion after the massive reconstruction with the Velocirapor.

Hennessey presented the VelociRaptor, a SUV on the basis of the Ford Super Duty F-250 Lariat. So, how, Hennessey has revised it, it is now a Ford Excursion steroids down to the tips of the hair by 2015. The Velociraptor has a 6.2-liter V8 with 608 or 660 HP, depending on which tuning package in order is given. The Velociraptor is a four-door with seating capacity of up to eight, if an optional Center row is fitted. The diesel variant 446 HP and achieved gigantic 1193 nm of maximum torque. Hennessey upgrades optionally offers the suspension, wheels, tires, and front and rear bumper. A LED light strip and a winch are integrated in a front bumper guard. How much traction has these, does not reveal Hennessey, speaks only of "massive towing capacity", so a high tensile load. The Velociraptor is the largest car that Hennessey has assembled so far. Incoming order, the tuner is asking for half a year of construction and requires equivalent 142.100 euros for the SUV.

Picture Gallery: The Hennessey Velociraptor

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