Driving a car: How much mulled wine is dangerous? Effect of mulled wine is underestimated

The Glühwein at the Christmas market: a different—estimated risk, which can quickly lead to a driving ban fü. A Cup of can!to the critical value of 0.3 per Mille führen

Car is not driving and alcohol gehört! A Cup of Glühwein gef—a year when the blood alcohol (according to the Köbody weight and alcohol content of the beverage—nks) is riding the delicate value of 0.3 ppm –bersch, warns TÜV Thüringen. With this concentration, the motorist in case of an accident or a Fahrauff—the due date can be penalized. Erstt—tern threaten from a blood alcohol level of 0.5 per Mille, a one-month driving ban, 500 Euro Bußmoney and two points in Flensburg. As Straßenverkehrsgef—danger is wtösimilar to a blood alcohol content of 1.1 parts per thousand. Then Füdriving license withdrawal, three points and up to 3000 Euro fine, or even Gefäprison. Fahranfänger in the sample time d– &ndash may be the Zero-alcohol limit;exceed. You will have to pay even if less than 0.3 per thousand with a 250 Euro fine and a point. But, Caution! Less than 0.5 per Mille of alcohol in the blood can be punished with a F–driving license withdrawal. If the police estimated the driving as unsafe screw-in—, genügen already of 0.3 per Mille für a driving ban. More about: BAC calculator Fine catalog The catalog of fines (2018): points to a quick, driving ban  points, fines and driving ban when?

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