Diesel scandal: KBA is investigating Ford Mondeo Illegal defeat devices in the Mondeo?

The Diesel scandal has now reached the Ford? The KBA is currently being examined by the Ford Mondeo 2.0 TCDi on illegal defeat devices. Ford-Germany-boss, Gunnar Herrmann know, the suspected, the exhaust back through the maze, however, consistently.

Car maker Ford, more precisely the Ford Mondeo model, said is come to the attention of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA). According to a report by the KBA could be used in a Diesel Mondeo with 2.0 TCDi an illegal exhaust technology. The Ministry of transport had the KBA on Donnerstang, the 10. August 2017, informed about the suspicion that there is data, the conclusions on illegal defeat devices allowed. Ford Germany-boss, Gunnar Herrmann, has already to the "business week" to suspect "In the exhaust aftertreatment system of our diesel models, no illegal shut-off devices have been used". You have cheated "or cheated". Ford work also for some time with the KBA closely, said a spokesman for on demand. All vehicles and engines - including the modern Diesel engines - meet the exhaust gas directives specified.

Facts on the Ford Mondeo in the Video:

Ford Mondeo mglw. Diesel scandal affected

Last year, the Diesel models with the Ford Focus and Ford C-Max from the KBA were taken more exactly under the magnifying glass. It could, however, devices are not Shutdown or other irregularities discovered. According to the "business week" had emission tests by the German environmental aid (DUH), some Ford models, however, look bad. So a Mondeo road test to have exceeded the for the test valid nitrogen oxide limit value by more than nine times. 

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