Daimler Chief Ola Källenius: Interview "We continue to be committed to formula 1-commitment"

In times of discussions über speed limits and CO2-dischargeß gerät of the racing more and more in printed mate—prison. Daimler chief Ola Källenius speaks in an Interview with AUTO ZEITUNG über the future of the formula 1, the concept of formula E and the importance of a sporty brand image against the Background of Autonomous driving and the continued process of digitalisation!

How long is the Mercedes remains in formula 1?We stand by our äußonly successful formula 1 commitment. The series remains für us also continue to be attractive due to the große Fan Base and a media value alone für our Team of over one billion euros per year. In addition, have been made in recent months decisive steps to make the Sport in a sustainable manner – and that applies für the reduction of costs as für the protection of the climate, the CO2-Neutralit’t. We support–support these path expressions–happy.

Mercedes-AMG One – Lewis Hamilton (Video):

Daimler chief Ola Källenius in the Interview

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