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The replacement part cost is different from car to car drastically. We give you exclusive the best and güother models.

Who für interested in a "new" and güother used cars, get the part usually spends a thought on the replacement prices of the cars. Condition, performance, features and fuel consumption, when purchasing in the foreground. Even the rims are h—often more important. The expenditure für spare parts especially for used cars, a high share of the maintenance costs. Such as für the exhaust system of a six-year-old Kia Rio and a whopping 2302 Euro f"digit – almost the H—half of the vehicle's value. And with increasing age of the Pre M&mdash increases;ngelh—frequency, außerdem erhöht, the number of workshop visits. Plöaddition, the prices of the spare parts decide how much the car is charged to the purse. Therefore, we have the used cars with the güinexpensive replacement parts, in fünf classes are determined. We wäselected models from the year 2012, and focused on the ten at the h—most common benötigten assemblies. All components are original parts of the manufacturer. Über the placement of the models, decides the total value of the ten parts. The replacement part to keep prices low, many manufacturers of so-called exchange parts. These are used, but were specially prepared. Often it is enough n—namely, to renew the worn-out areas. Important: The Qualität of a replacement part matches the original part, and the manufacturer gewähren the same guarantees. Therefore, we have the recycled parts – if possible – in &Ndash;overview. News Cheap spare parts for cars: tips on buying!  Rising prices for auto parts

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