Car service German Bundestag insolvent (2016) Chauffeur service RocVin is broke

The company RocVin, the transport service of the German Bundestag, is broke. Since the contract in August 2017 ausläuft, had to log on to the company's insolvency. Küin the future the members should be driven by the fleet Service of the Bundeswehr.

The order of the größten customers to break away, and thus a bankruptcy. It is currently RocVin, the transport service of the German Bundestag. Since 1999, the parliamentarians of RocVin dangers are, however, starting in August of 2017 is set to end. Then läuft the contract with the car service and then the Bundestag will be chauffeured members of the fleet Service of the Bundeswehr. Since the previous car service RocVin 80 to 90 percent of its sales according to the orders,—ge by the Bundestag in erhä, the loss of key customers serious consequences für the company: the First loans were completed the contractor geküso that he was forced to apply for insolvency. Basic für the transition to the state-owned company bwfuhrpark service GmbH Bundestagspr—President Norbert Lammer, according to the eco-friendly design of the Mobilität. Starting in August of 2017, among other things, electric vehicles are to be used, in order to reduce the CO2-dischargeß by the journeys of the members of Parliament and to conserve resources. More topic: Kaufpr—mie für E-cars News Bundestag-ride service puts natural gas cars lame  RocVin waits for investigations

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