Bundestag-ride service puts natural gas cars lame RocVin waits for investigations

After the Explosion of a VW Touran with a natural gas drive, the German Bundestag-car service RocVin to the consequences and natural gas cars from the road. Affected: the VW Passat Ecofuel.

After the Explosion of the natural gas-powered VW Touran Ecofuel in Duderstadt (in the case of Göttingen), and the ongoing discussions about natural gas-powered vehicles, responding Bundestag-car service RocVin. This pulls up another 36 natural gas-powered cars off the road. "The safety of our Passengers—ste and chauffeurs has been in front of all the other aspects have absolute priority," says Ferdi Haack, the Manager of the company. RocVin had operated in 2014 and 2015, –about 18 months, a field trial with 55 Biogas-powered VW Passat. Since no problems had occurred, decided to RocVin to order a quarter of its fleet with natural-gas drive. Thanks to jülongest messages, but st–the natural gas car unused in the Garage, so RocVin. "After final final Kl—and, if applicable, the elimination of all security risks will be used in the natural gas-cars", erklärt Ferdi Haack. More: RocVin files for bankruptcy Video Bundestag-fleet: car fleet increased (Video)  More members need more cars!

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