Brexit: Nissan moved the SUV production New X-Trail is built in Japan

Actually, Nissan wanted to make its SUV X-Trail in Sunderland plant in the North of England to build, but the production is now moved to Japan. This is also on the forthcoming Brexit.

Nissan lässt, the new X-Trail is not as original–accessible Britain farmers planned in Groß, but relocated the production of its SUV flagship für europämarket to Japan – also because of the impending Brexits. Nissan's Europe boss Gianluca de Ficchy stated that the decision was from "corporate Grü" gefällt. Since the X-Trail, für other M markets are already made in Japan, köcould the investment cost reduced. "The ongoing uncertainty about the küfuture relations Großof Britain to the EU added helps companies to plan für the future," fügte de Ficchy. Both für the production as well as the sale of cars in the free trade between EU countries is an important prerequisite. In the event of a Brexit wüe Zölle the supply of components more expensive and limit controls köcould delivery processes verzö. More: Latest news from the Renault-Nissan group News Infiniti: withdrawal from Western Europe  Infiniti is pulling out of Western Europe

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