Audi RS 3: Tuning by MR Racing 542 horse in the Audi RS 3

In the series of the Audi RS 3 is not weak on the chest. Thanks to a performance treatment by MR Racing but the Audi turns with 542 HP sports car with a long nose. Intoxicating five-cylinder sound, there'on top of that!

The five-cylinder Audi RS 3 cries out for attention. From the factory, the Ingolstadt-based Power (367 HP), thanks to 2.5 liters of displacement, but also powerful reserves. Tuning Schmiede MR Racing did not need a second invitation and took the Audi RS 3 in ordinary performance treatment in the own factory. Changes to the tax liability, which will complement the Eschweiler wrench on the RS 3 is also a modified intake system with sport air filter device are virtually already. Such a Filter supported like the engine sound, the stainless steel horns, by Friedrich Motorsport, the Audi RS 3 only evil to occur. In addition, the RS-3-driver is allowed to decide on the push of a button between the sound setting "row houses" and "Green hell". With a larger Downpipe, lures MR Racing has 454 HP and 653 lb-ft of torque from the five cylinder. However, this may be for MR Racing of the scale, and finally, MTM blows the Audi RS 3 also to over 500 HP.

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Audi RS 3 now delivers a whopping 542 HP

Therefore, the PS-creators of MR Racing crown your tag with the TTE-500-turbocharger, a high-pressure fuel pump and a larger intercooler. Makes a whopping 542 HP and 700 Newton metres of torque in the Audi RS 3. That should be enough to throw the Ingolstadt-based company in a good 3.5 seconds to 100 (series 4.3 seconds) and a Top speed of over 300 km/h. Such a motor power requirement of course, of a suitable, such as smart battle dress. The Audi RS 3 is now playing in the sports League, the cars, the Martini-wrapping doesn't come by chance. A set of ATS GTR alloy wheels equipped with the MR Racing in the size of 19 inches with 235er Pirelli Silt. What the (five-cylinder) is completed and funding for the Audi RS 3 by MR Racing. What does it cost, does not reveal the MR Racing.

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