Alex' Exciter: Turn Signal The turn signal is abused!

Dear motorists, we will have to talk – –about the turn signals!

The turn signal is not an end in itself, but informs other drivers über a change of direction. In which you respond to it (köcan), prevents the indicator Unfälle. So far the theory. Because that can only work if the "direction indicator" –is in General and then also properly used. And each new day, the love of God l—sst, returns negative examples, on the Fließband – as even the small turn signal appears to be große task. Without knowing, what is worse, have emerged in my year-long highway Commute, two Anti-Blinker-types: There is motorists switch, per se, without turn signal and without Rüconsiderate of the trail . And there are those that need the turn signal as an optical right-of-way miss. With the first chunk of the flasher relay are you  track;then half on the other drive. Other road users are therefore forced to take part of adventurous stunts? you but no matter. According to the Motto: "What is it? I got flashed!"

Blinking at the inflected right of way – Yes or no? Answer in the Video:

Alex's hiccups when it came to proper turn signal usage

To put it clearly: Both Anti-Blinker-types don't think more than from the steering Wheel to the bonnet! Because at Speeds beyond 120 km/h to decide milliseconds –ber of accident or no accident. The children learn in road safety education of primary school, let alone we, drivers in the driving school. Why will be driven with the turn signal still, such a fast and loose? Why is not perceived to be the potential danger? And why the mutual Rüconsiderate of the taking &ndash is ignored; the principle of Straßtraffic regulations – such? Dear motorists, do me a Favor: Flashing is at the next lane change, not only, but they do it very consciously. Or in other words: Just think! What is your opinion? Write to [email protected]

Alexander Koch commutes täglich from the Ruhr area to 60 kilometers away in the editorial in a Köln. In the column "Alex' controversy" gives the CAR a NEWSPAPER editor in the face of the t aligned &Nbsp;rgernisse road traffic air!

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