ABT RS6-E: Tuning for the Audi RS 6 The world's first Hybrid-RS 6 with 1018 HP

ABT RS6-E is the brutal response of the Kempen, the tuning forge on the Mobilitätsfrage of modern times: the E-drive. V8 and electric Motor merge in the prototype to a 1018 HP and 1291 Newton-meter strong Phalanx, which has not seen the world yet!

Deep, wide and Abt-atypical grün, the ABT RS6-E cowers just über the asphalt scar. In his presentation, he distinctly reminiscent of the "Project Phoenix" of Freestyle Skier Jon Olsson, in the eyes of Daniel Abt, the son of the boss tuner Hans-Jürgen Abt, but still a fact. Huge a on it, it will be better – schließlich the world's first Audi RS 6 with a hybrid drive! Tuning shop Abt but it wasn't just the challenge, to our products shall exceed the abgespaceten power combination of Sweden –but to transfer the subject of Tuning in the modern era. The E-Motor! The factory double-forced ventilated 4.0-litre V8 engine by Abt-control device’t blown already on 730 HP and 920 Newton metres, catapulted the supplemental electric motor to the ABT RS6-E in unprecedented Leistungssph": 1018 HP system power and 1291 Newton-meters of torque! What is much easier written as the work is done behind it. Not from UNMähr speaks to Daniel Abbot of the "Challenge", the electric motor and the battery in a dafür designed the Audi RS 6 to install – and also to k–miss! Tuning Abt Audi RS6+ "Project Phoenix" by Jon Olsson  Project Phoenix from the ashes

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